Help with Books Shortcut

I’m trying to create a shortcut that will look up a book and create a new note for in Obsidian so that I can easily add book suggestions to my reading list. Courtesy of another user (which person? which forum?), I have a found the Book action inside ToolboxPro. I can get the info I want into Drafts. I die when trying to add it to obsidian. My attempt to use the Title as the Filename is clearly a trainwreck.

The shortcut is found: Shortcuts

My failed attempt at generating a url is:

Help me see a simple solution. (Wouldn’t it be nice if Obsidian donated some basic Shortcuts to iOS/MacOS?)

Looks like the title is not getting URL-encoded.

Try using the “URL” action to build the URL, instead of “Text”. If that doesn’t work, try URL-encoding the title before including it in the URL.

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Thanks for the reply. I was trying to stick to the URL based approach as it seems safer in the long term. If URL encoded the second text variable I could get it create the file but the contents were messed up because of the double url encoding. At 4pm this afternoon I realized it would just be better to brute force it and save the file directly in the iCloud folder. I think I just got it to work - until I find a book with a title that doesn’t work as an iOS/MacOS filename. (Punctuation?).

Actual shortcut itself: Shortcuts

If I have energy in the next few days/weeks - I will learn how to check if there is text from the share sheet. Use that text to do the search directly etc.