Help with ajusting the travel time

good morning I have been using the ETA message to contact and I would like to adjust the arrival time to add 10mn so I add 10mn to a variable but when i retrieve the variable I get a different time format for example
if current time is 1PM

variable location is: 30mn
(adjusted variable) is: 1:40PM

I would like the adjusted variable to be 40mn


Can you share your workflow? That will help with troubleshooting…

It may be as simple as using the Adjust Date action. Despite the name, you can use it to add 10 minutes to the time returned from the Get Travel Time action.

Here’s a simple example:

Here is the link sorry


[BrainyLiving] thanks but that does not give you the amounts of minutes i am looking for will arrive in 20mn and not will arrive at 12.15PM just wandering if there is a way to convert the arrival time into mn from now.


I’m sorry, but I’m not following what you are trying to accomplish.

Here is one more example that may help clarify…

You’ll note 2 uses of Travel Time in the Text action. Tap on each one to see the differences in which value is presented.

I hope this helps

Yes thanks so much that does help now I know what I am looking for I am looking for time Interval + ajusted time.

your help is much appreciated.

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