Help with a simple copy and paste

Hi guys, first of all thanks for the help and for your time

Every day i text my mom to remind her to take her pills, so im tryng to automate thay.

I use the shortcuts to open the app and Scriptable to copy and paste. Im almoat done, but i cant figure out the paste part. the copy is working, but its not pasting, not even in others app, like notes. The code:

Anyone can help me? Thanksss

Think of pasteString as “get string”, so you can retrieve the content of the clipboard in Scriptable - e.g. to put it in a variable.

Scriptable is not going to be able to paste in other apps. That goes against sandboxing security. There are other automated methods that are sometimes available.Some can even utilise the clipboard. However, these are app specific and not universally available.

Might I suggest you just use Shortcuts rather than using Scriptable as well?

In fact, if I were doing this, I would look to set up a recurring reminder/alarm/calendar entry on your mother’s phone. Then the automation is independent of if your phone is charged, has a signal, is in a working condition, etc.

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Thanks for the help Sylumer!!! Help me a lot, I thought that was a mistake in the code.

I ll use your tips. Thanks again!