Help: show image in Siri from URL

I’m trying to pull a an image from a URL. Currently I have URL->Get Images from Input-> shows the image in Shortcuts, but I can’t get it to show anywhere else. I’d like to just ask Siri to show me the image and it puts it up on the screen. So far all I can get is the name of the image, not the contents.


Where is it exactly that are you wanting it to display?

If you want to just call it by a verbal Siri command, then it is going to have to go to the Shortcuts app. Images are one of the actions it can’t currently do in the Siri activity screen you see when triggering voice actions.

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ah, didn’t know that images aren’t able to be displayed in the siri screen.

Basically i’ve got a webcam that I’ve set up with a URL to access the latest frame. I’ve set it up so that when I say “show me the square” it goes out and grabs the image then puts it in a pop up using “quick look”. This works for now, but was hoping that I’d be able to see it on the siri screen…

Alternatively, Scriptable can display images within the Siri screen.

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Ok, that confirms what I was thinking you were after. As @supermamon notes, Scriptable can do display images in that area. The app is free to download and a simple script like this should suffice.

req = new Request("")(
let img = await req.loadImage();

Hope that helps.

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What happens if you use the quicklook action in your shortcut?

The Shortcuts app will open if you use Quick Look.

Yeah, the shortcuts app opens ALL THE TIME. It’s quite aggravating. BVut it will show the image, at least.