Help, Shortcut creates Blurry PDFs

The Shortcuts Gallery has a shortcut called Photo Grid. It combines photos and saves them as a PDF. Two problems. First, the photo’s resolution is reduced as part of the process. Second, the photos sent to the PDF don’t appear in the grid in order. If you take 6 pictures of a room and want to see them combined in order, there is no way to force the order.

Is there a way to improve the PDF Quality while executing the shortcut? And is there a way to control the order of the photos?

The filter images action included a sort feature so you can use that for enforcing an order.

Perhaps I’m still doing something wrong but I couldn’t get it to work. You’ve certainly got me turned in the right direction! Using a modified version of the Photo Grid shortcut, I’m now able to get a fairly consistent “order” using your recommendation if I limit the # of photos to 4. Anything higher, and it’s no longer consistent.

The shortcut is using math to determine how many rows and columns per page (based on the # of photos) and then CROPS and COMBINES. That process MAY be what is causing the random placement. I’ve tried to place photos based on the FILTER and using TIME TAKEN as the criteria. Still no luck.

Really appreciate the feedback.