Help required with iTunes Playlist shortcut

Can anyone take a look at my shortcut and tell me how to make a key change…

Rather than re-running the shortcut to add the playing song to a succession of chosen playlists…

I would like to use ‘Choose From List’ rather than ‘Choose From Menu’ with the idea being that I am listening to a song, I run the shortcut, it is pre-determined that the song will be added to ALL of my playlists, I then simply ‘untick’ the playlists I don’t want the song added to…and complete the shortcut to add the song to the playlists of my choice.

Hope that makes sense, if not please shout?

Something like this?

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Thank you, but doesn’t seem to work? Using my original shortcut the songs pop up in iTunes immediately in the relevant playlist but not with your shortcut?

Strange. It works for me if I substitute in my own playlists. The songs appear as soon as I go and check.


Can I ask…how are you entering the playlists into the list? Just as a text input?

I typed my playlists into the list action. Other than hacking the raw shortcut file, that’s the only way to do it in the app.

Your list however, I just picked up from the list in your original shortcut. I didn’t type those entries in myself.

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Thanks so much @sylumer, I actually ended up finding this…

Add To Playlist(s), Skip Duplicates - Siri Shortcuts

It is pretty cool cos it also checks for duplicates before adding to a playlist

I have also established…

  • The playlist needs to have been created in IOS, if you reference a playlist created within iTunes on your Mac…it doesn’t add the song to that playlist.