Help! Receiving Multiple jpg via airdrop,

hi there, hope you are all are as best as posible. Currently as my daughter is on home school, I am receiving via WhatsApp or other medium a lot of jpg for assignments, there is a lot of things I need to print, and the re-scan … well a mess.

First: My wife receives the images via whataspp and send it to me via Airdrop. She send them on batches and wait until I do my process to separate my class.

Second: Once I get them on Download folder as jpg I select them all and “save as pdf” to create one pdf for that particular of selection.

I want to once they are received on Download, to create the PDF with any name automatically. I tried to do a Hazel that runs automator but Hazel is repeating the same automator script per each IMG it sees. So I finish with same amount of PDF than IMG.

Any ideas? Hope I am making sense…

Best Regards,

If ordering is the same as the order they arrive in and you want a single ongoing PDF, one converted to PDF you could then append the new PDF to another PDF outside of the receiving folder. Would that work for you?

yes, something like that I want to do… any ideas how?

A command line script using qpdf could do it as referenced here. But there are many tools that can combine PDF files.