Help needed to get a ChatGPT text of a YouTube video with Shortcuts

I’m trying to make a shortcut that gets a readable transcript of YouTube videos so I don’t have to watch my way though the usual overhyped YouTube rubbish just in case this one has something useful!

I have a simple first shortcut that from the Share menu in Safari opens a YouTube link at
Shortcut: Shortcuts

Then a second share menu shortcut from the videoticle page which gets the transcript and sends it to ChatGPT to provide a more readable version. This uses a combination of a webpage content scraping shortcut (from somebody I can’t remember sorry) and Federico Viticci’s S-GPT shortcut.

This works well but it requires two separate steps. I’ve tried combining the two shortcuts using Get Contents of Webpage etc but the second one only seems to get the transcript if run from the share sheet. I don’t really understand JavaScript stuff.
Can anyone help make this into one shortcut? It would be a great service to everyone that loves/loathes YouTube as a source of information!