Help needed on workflow based on David’s - Using Workflow With Multiple Apps

Inspired by @MacSparky workflow (Automators ep 2) I decided to apply it to my situation. I email clients to ask them about changes to their business that might influence health and safety documentation. I, currently, use TextExpander to do this. But I have to then start a 2Do project. So I want to: get a load of variables, compose an email, send an email, create a new 2Do project, then put a 2Do task in that project to say I’m waiting for a response to the email. The issue is that all of my menu actions seem to be joined together, and the 2Do action isn’t working. This is the most complex Workflow I’ve written. I think I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. Any advice would be much appreciated. Here’s the workflow:

Thanks in advance

This is an easy mistake to make if you’re new to Workflow: you’re using menus rather than lists - a menu is “if I choose this then do that”, with the that being the actions inside the menu item (you have none, so would get nothing), where as a list is “choose from this list of things and give me the one I’ve chosen”. I tried to break down what menus lists and dictionaries are for on my blog: Workflow: Menus, Lists & Dictionaries.

I changed the menus to lists and choose from list actions and I think it will now work for you:



Hi @RosemaryOrchard - thanks. I’ll download and try out later.

Sorry @RosemaryOrchard - I never gave you feedback. It worked a treat. Can’t get subtasks, in 2do, to sit in the respective project (but I think that could be an issue with the app). Thanks for all that you do

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