Help Needed - Aqara P2 Door and Window sensor and Home App Troubleshooting

I am finding it impossible to set up Aqara P2 sensors in Homekit.
I am using an Apple 4k TV as a Hub and I have already set up a G2H pro Aqara camera, which connected easily to Homekit.
Whenever I try to add the sensors in Homekit I get the message “Thread Border Router Required”.
I have troubleshoot by restarting the router, removed Apple TV from Homekit, and even signed out of iCloud, but nothing has worked so far.
Additionally, when I try to add the sensors to the Aqara app I get the message “Add Matter Main Hub”
Anybody with some input would be of great help.

The Apple-TV-as-hub could be the issue. Investigate Aqara hubs to see if they can share back into HomeKit, then all your Aqara devices could connect to the Aqara hub. Just my 2 cents.

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Thank you for your response. Based on their Website Apple TV should work.
Hub should be the G2h Pro Aqara camera. How could i check it?

Contact Aqara support - if they say Apple TV should work, then they should be able to support you through the setup process.

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