Help, my renaming shortcut for Zoom doesn’t work!

I am trying to automatically rename Zoom recordings - both the folder and the contents and failing miserably.

What I really want to do is get the name of the meeting from my calendar and rename both the folder and the audio and video files inside then move the audio file over to the Dropbox folder Otter imports and transcribes.
So far, the best I’ve been able to manage is renaming the outer Zoom folder with a generic ‘Date-client & Debra’ name.
I’m trying to do it with Hazel and wondering if KM or Shortcuts would be better.
Ikm a kwannabe automator’ and I keep hitting walls.

I would think Shortcuts wld offer you the simplest integration with your calendar, but Hazel probably gives you the easiest control over triggering and working with the file and folder names.

There is no reason you can’t use them together. I have often used shell scripts and Hazel in combination to process files, but with Hazel 5.1 last year, support for Shortcuts was also added to Hazel.

However, getting data back from Shortcuts into Hazel certainly was problematic (I haven’t tried it for a while, so it may have improved). If that is still the case, you might need to look at Hazel being the trigger (which Keyboard Maestro could also substitute in for), and having Shortcuts do not only the calendar checking, but also the rename and move. That would certainly be something Hazel could manage more easily if you can get the calendar data into it.

As an alternative, there is icalbuddy which has come up on the podcast and in forum discussions several times. You could utilise that from the command line to get the data and then use standard file commands to do the renaming.

One thing I’m not clear on (I don’t use Zoom much and have never recorded anything), is that there is a folder and audio and video files. I think trying to manage all three items as one group is perhaps a little antithetical to processing individual files or individual folders. You might want to consider processing things in multiple stages and/or via multiple Hazel rules - dealing with the audio and the video files independently (moving them to a new named folder, creating it if it does not exist), and perhaps ignoring renaming the folder and just disposing of it when it is empty.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you very much.
With Zoom each recording is saved in a folder in which is contained an audio file, a video file, and a chat file. I think that I need to deal with them as two separate steps as you have suggested.