Help me learn stuff

Hello Automators and community!
I’m new here and new to the iOS too. I just got this iPhone se around September and this is my first iPhone. I found the customization in iPhone is just very limiting specially when I was so much used to the klwp, kwgt and other kustom stuffs and customizable launchers. When iOS 14 introduced widget I finally had a hope to be able do something with it but even iOS widgets are far too basic compared to android ones. So I really wanted to get kwgt on iOS and I came across this.

I’m really happy that I found scriptable. Now I can create widget just as I want them to from bare code. Well only if I know any of coding stuff. I don’t know anything and so it’s really difficult for me make any widgets at all. I’ve tried to understand a bit from scripts on gallery and JavaScript from YouTube but it’s still really confusing.

I’ve tried to make a few widgets. I first wanted to make a clock so looked up how to make one using JavaScript but like all of them were using HTML and I don’t know how to make a clock in scriptable. I found out the widget doesn’t update much faster. I want help with updating widgets and adding background images. When I try to add image from my phone to a widget using add image it works fine on preview but it says “Picking images is not supported in a widget”. So how can I add image from my iPhone to a widget locally. I really hope someone to help me.

Thank you!!