Help making a Google Assistant Siri Shortcut

I want to make a Siri Shortcut that will open Google Assistant app and lets you instantly speak to the assistant.

It seems that it’s impossible to do however. I can only open the Assistant app like so:

But there is no way I can then trigger the Google Assistant, I am forced to press on the microphone button every time myself. :disappointed:

Thank you for any help on this.

The google app would have to provide that hook to the os, so u til that happens there’s nothing you can do easily.

I am backdooring in to the nest via the ifttt api because the nest app doesn’t provide anything to shortcuts, so I can’t use anything in the local app.

I have one That works without tapping anything. There was a setting in Assistant to ensure it was going to answer to voice alone.
I ask Siri to “hand me off to google” then I’m talking to my usual google assistant! See here as I asked Siri for Google then told google I was just testing…