Help: Journaling with Drafts

Description of my ideal journalising system in Drafts

I like to complete two entries a day; intention in the morning and reflection in the evening.

My intention journal focuses on what I want from the day and what I will do to achieve that. My reflection journal reviews my day and thinks about what I could do or should do differently to get closer to my vision.

Ideally the two would have links between them so I can easily skip back and forth to compare. I’d also like them to appear in a master draft as linked drafts in date order (newest at the top).

Ideally my system would also include an action to find any tasks (items in bullet lists) that would be sent directly to OmniFocus. So should my journal ever include something I want to remember it’s easy to send that to my task management system.

I’m doing this all manually at the moment (aside from having templates for the journal entries) but I’d like to automate it.

Does anyone have a system like this set up already? Does it seem like a complex thing to make?

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I’m not doing this right now, but it sounds like an interesting idea. It’s probably pretty easy to set up using Shortcuts. However, you’ll need Drafts Pro.

Drafts supports wiki style links that you can use to switch between individual drafts.

When you create a new entry, you could have an action that sets up your drafts and templates with relevant cross-linking, and it could prepend to a master draft easily enough with similar wiki links. However, you could also forego that and have an action that simply builds the list dynamically in an HTML prompt and that can still link out to your drafts.

The first option is probably a little easier, but the second you could build on to do things like allowing you to filter. It just depends on your fluency in HTML, JavaScrip and perhaps a bit of CSS to make it look nice.

Look in the Drafts Action Directory. Sending content to OmniFocus is a very popular thing, and you might just find an action group there for OmniFocus use that was written by one of the Automators podcast hosts.

No. The functionality is certainly there. Many examples around this sort of thing already exist in the Drafts action directory, and you can certainly build on this rather than starting from scratch. Just focus on one piece of the puzzle at a time and you’ll get it.