Help: I want to pull Kindle notes and highlights like bookcision…

This has been my holy grail of automation for a while now.

We have a js bookmarklet here: that does work… I’ve been manually triggering it, downloading the file, copying and pasting the result into a draft that comprises my booknotes.

We also have the very limited interface at… no URLs, no API. Ugh.

Apparently there’s a goodreads RSS field… but most of my notes are private. :roll_eyes:

Surely there’s a better way.

I’m wondering if I can use a scriptable script from the iOS sharesheet to trigger bookcision, download the file, massage it into a better format for me, and save it to drafts. Anyone tried this?

Not exactly what you asked for, but I used Clippings for a while with moderate success. I stopped because I didn’t like paying for the service.

Here’s a list of similar services including Clippings:

Thanks @ryanjamurphy… I hadn’t seen a couple of those so I’ll check them out!

I still think that there ought to be a way to handle this easily from scriptable or drafts… I’ll keep poking. The main thing is trying to figure out a way to scrape the current html on a page, not sure how to do that yet. :stuck_out_tongue: