Help get me started parsing and changing a URL?

Everyone, I’m on iOS 15 now. I run Shortcuts all the time but haven’t created one from scratch in 2+ years and I think a lot has changed from since.

Can someone point me in the direction of the best Actions to use to get started?

I want to share a web page from Safari to the Shortcut, then parse the shortcut, strip off a known identifiable section (maybe regex here?) and replace it with a known hard-coded string.

Thanks in advance!

K, I think I have some of this:

  • get contents of URL
  • split on character
  • get first item

It’s best to give an example of what you wanted to do. But based from what you described on the post you should be able accomplish this with

  • Get Contents of Web Page
  • Replace Text (with Regular Expression toggle on)
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Yes, thanks, I think that’s working now, appreciate it!