Help Filtering Timery Projects

I’m trying to create a shortcut to with Timery that I feel like is possible but not 100% sure how to do this step.

I have a bunch of projects that are identified by different areas of my life so I prefix them all with identifiers which I also have a tag associated with so I can see how much I’m spending on work, personal, family, etc.

For work I really only have a couple kinds of work I do for my projects but I’ve got 20+ project to track against. What I’m trying to do is query Timery to give shortcuts a list of my work projects that I can then pass to a start time entry that all other fields are correctly set to. Right now when I use the get projects I don’t know how to then filter out just my work ones. My work projects begin with (ACME) so I only want to get those in the choose from list.

I don’t use Timery a lot but have you tried the Filter Files action to filter project names?

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Thanks. Didn’t think of these as files but worked exactly as I hoped it would.