Help? Creating a week meal plan using Drafts/Shortcuts

Hi all. I’m thinking about a shortcut that takes a Draft as input (Draft would be a list of 7 meals), splits them out (I can do that bit) and then creates a calendar event at 5:30pm each day of the following week with the meals in the order they were input into the shortcut. Is there a ‘repeat with each’ variation that also allows for incrementing the day +1 each time with every repeat, and also for selecting the date you want the meal plan to start from (as the plan might be made sometimes on the same day, the day before, or other…). Or, is there a different way to go about this entirely? thanks!

You could adjust the date by adding the repeat index (a variable available in repeat loops in Shortcuts) number of days over seven iterations. To start on a particular day, start by offsetting that by -1 day, then on the first iteration, that day will be added back.