Help creating a shortcut/automation to access weekly newsletter

I receive a weekly email newsletter every week that gives updated/timely time info. My email client is gmail and I use Spark. I would love to create a shortcut where I could access the most current edition of the newsletter through the touch of a button as opposed to digging through my email. In other words, the shortcut would take me to the newsletter (or a copy of it) that is most current when I run the shortcut. Not sure how to go about this?! The subject line for the email newsletter is always the same (if that helps in some type of automation/shortcut). Any thoughts or suggestions?

Maybe use a web automation service that works with Gmail (I think pretty much all of them) to save the newsletter as a file to Dropbox (Zapier example) or forward it to a service like Pocket perhaps (suitably tagged)? Then once you have a standalone file or a copy in a read it later service, Shortcuts should let you filter within a folder or read it later app to get you to the latest instance.

Oh my!! Genius. I could have never come up with this on my own. Had trouble with Gmail interacting with – something about pdfco not being an authorized app?? (any insight there?) – but did a work around by setting up filter to forward to email by zapier and then on to pdf co and then save to dropbox.

Thank you VERY much.

My guess would be you might need to set up a Gmail app specific password for the service to use. It isn’t something I have ever used

Rats. I spoke too soon. I have a free zapier acct. and the multi-action requires pro acct. :frowning: Nevertheless, I see how it can work. I will try the Pocket route and see what I find out. Again, many thanks.