Help! Could not run Add TaskPaper

I have a shortcut that adds a routine task list to Omnifocus using the add TaskPaper function… And it used to work.

Now whenever I run the shortcut I get “Could not run Add TaskPaper The operation took too long to complete. Please try again.” However… It actually WORKED. The error is just annoying and keeping me from adding anything else after that action.

It does it on my iPhone and my iPad Pro. I can try it on my Mac because I use Toolkit Pro.

Here’s the shortcut.

I’m guessing this is just that weird… I’ve tried restarts etc… I might reinstall Omnifocus all the way around…

Have you tried deleting the action and adding it again? I had an issue with Fantastical actions that were deprecated and replaced, just like the issue you are having.

I gave it a try but it didn’t help.

In the process though I realized that works fine if I send the task paper content to the Inbox. It just doesn’t work if I send it to Next Actions.

Thanks for the help!