Help automating podcast playback

Hey all. I’m trying to figure the best way to automate getting the latest podcast release of Subnet and playing it within a shortcut I have created.

I’ve attempted using the Siri Shortcut action of playing Subnet but it continues to play onto another episode. I have attempted to use the wait action for 120 seconds and then the pause music action but no joy.

I was wondering if it would be possible to run a JavaScript action on the relayFM website page that has the latest Subnet release and auto play the audio or is there an app with a URL scheme for playing the audio that I don’t know of?

Overall, a quick brief of my shortcut is designed to first tell me the weather and forecast, a quick quote, would like for it to then play the most recent Subnet podcast for my tech news and then it goes on and asks if I want to listen to music, podcast or SiriusXM. It then asks if I’m headed to work, home or just driving and based on action given it pulls up maps with driving directions amongst other things.

Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks.

Try this shortcut - Play Latest Subnet.shortcut • Droplr

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Hope that gets you a step further.


That’s awesome. Thanks

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