Help automating multiple things (tasks) I perform daily on my iPhone

Newbie here. It helps to preface that I’m a realtor. I have tried to automate the following tasks but I am stuck after I get to the email.
Every morning I open my Apple Mail app, then a specific account inbox within the app looking for a new email from a specific address, with a specific topic. I open the email select the (only) image and save it to photos app. I then open the Notes app, going to a specific (short) note and copy the text. I now open ChatGPT. I paste the text into ChatGPT. While ChatGPT is still open, I open the Photos app, select and open the image I’d saved earlier. I select and copy the text within the image. I now go back to ChatGPT and paste the text after the text from the Notes app. I hit enter and run ChatGPT. I select and copy the results. I now open the Facebook app., switch to my real estate page. Then I create a new post selecting the image from earlier and pasting the ChatGPT text and post. Then I go back to Photos app, delete the image and close the app. I close ChatGPT, Mail app, Notes app, and Facebook app.
I do this pretty much every day. It would be great if I can automate some, if not all, tasks. Any help is appreciated.