Help automating Loopback with Stream Deck and Keyboard Maestro

I just got a Stream Deck to help with my online teaching (and also because it’s fun). One thing I’d like to be able to do is to mute a virtual audio device in Loopback so that I can have media playing into my Zoom call without worrying about noise from my microphone. Any ideas on how I can automate Loopback in this way? I have Stream Deck and Keyboard Maestro. I don’t think Loopback has an Applescript dictionary, but I may be wrong.

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Unfortunately, Rogue Amoeba’s apps are not very easily automated. Audio Hijack Pro had AppleScript support. It was replaced by Audio Hijack 3 which has none.

Which leaves you trying to automate things by mouse clicks at certain locations, which is not very easy to make reliable (it tends to be fragile / break easily.)


And to think I’d got into Audio Hijack recently. My guess is I’ll have to use Metagrid on an iPad to drive Keyboard Maestro to use image search.