Hellp: Call Script.setWidget() to set the content of the widget,run in Widget


your script doesn’t have or doesn’t reach a line that says


oh,It’s in Timer.schedule function

There’s a bunch of things that might prevent it from reaching that line

  • is this.isRender true?
  • does this.drawImage produce an error?
  • does this.renderMedium() produce an error?

it won’t be simple to check this without seeing the whole script.

It can be run in the scriptable,no error.

Request completed, isRender is true

Does it work when you only have 1 scriptable widget on your Homescreen?

If so, it might be similar to an issue I had (https://github.com/jasperhartong/scriptable-ts-boilerplate/issues/1).

I fixed it by ensuring to have a top-level await (instead of a callback-based async method).

Think you, :smile: :smile: