Health actions failing on iOS 15

I have a handful of health-related shortcuts that I run on a daily basis. Two that I especially rely on take a bunch of health samples, send them off to Toolbox Pro and/or Charty, and then graph the results in widgets for me.

Since updating to iOS 15, they’re failing, with seemingly no recourse. One just says “an error occurred” at the stage where it gathers 7 days worth of calorie samples. But then today, I got this error:

I can allow this in Settings! Great! I…cannot find what I am supposed to change in Settings (and you’ll notice that dialog doesn’t have a handy link to open Settings, just an “OK” button). All of the relevant apps have access granted under Settings > Privacy > Health.

Any clue what switch I can flip to end this, or will I never get to see how many calories per minute I burned again?

Maybe you should enable the sharing of many items?

(In the Advanced section of the Shortcuts settings in the iOS Settings App)

OMG, thank you for saving me from Apple trying to save me from myself. That fixes the error I posted above.

The “a problem occurred” errors are still happening. I think that shortcut generates more samples (about 10,000). I’m going to try to refactor it but…I’m sad that I have to. It worked on my phone fine for months. It was pretty slow, as any kind of iteration over items in Shortcuts is (what are they doing to take all that time?), but I’d rather wait than have a mysterious timeout.