Hazel rules execution while logged into a different Apple ID

I’m thinking of getting a “family” iMac that will always be on. I have some hazel rules set up, and I’m wondering if the rules will be executed if the iMac is logged into a different user (different Apple ID). My worry is that, while I’m at work, someone else might log me out and log into their own account. If so, will hazel from my account still be monitoring my folders?

Has anyone had any experience with this?

I am in the same situation. When I am not logged in, my Hazel scripts do not run, because the watched folders on my iCloud drive are not accessible to other users. It’s sufficient for me to run the scripts once in a few days when I log in into the Mac, but if you need instant execution, I think you either have to make the watched folders accessible on every account (and copy the Hazel rules to all of them), or have a dedicated (old) Mac running nonstop to execute the rules. I would love to hear from more experienced Hazel users if there is some other way how to do this.

You could always create an admin account that is basically empty, just uses Hazel and have that always logged in. Use your own account for normal work, and if someone accidentally logs you out then the admin account would keep going.

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If someone logs me out and logs themselves in, they would have to log into the admin account when they’re finished with their work. Correct?

Why would they? They log you out, not the admin account,
As long as they do not have the pw for the admin account that one should always be logged in. (As they would never be able to enter that one)

Unless they reboot the machine that is…

Just make sure fast user switching is enabled in login preferences.