Hazel rule to add task to Omnifocus

Hi. I would be very grateful for some help.

When a file is added to a certain folder I need Hazel to add a task (named the same as the file) to my ‘Accounts’ project in Omnifocus with 5 tags (2 - ‘High Priority’, ‘Anywhere’, ‘Chris King’, ‘Any device’ and ‘Accounts & Finance session’) These tags are selected from my tagging system which consists of a top level of 5 tag categories being (Priority, Location, People, Devices and Work Sessions) I don’t know if that last piece of information matters.

I need the task do have a defer date of 30 days from when Hazel runs the script.

I must confess that I don’t know where to start with the script, but I do know how to make the Hazel rule.

Thank you!

In terms of starting with the script, perhaps start with the AppleScript examples available in this thread:

And, of course, the dictionary is always your friend :slight_smile:

This looks like a foreign language to me, but I will persevere. Many thanks!

If you are unfamilar with AppleScript, work through a tutorial about that first.

For example:


There are many resources online to support learning AppleScript, including video tutorials if that is your preference. It is designed to be a relatively straight forward automation language for non-programmers to pick up in terms if the more vet al approach it takes.

Hopefully you’ll be able to pick up the basics quckly and the previous example thread will make sense similarly quickly.