Hazel not recognizing numbers

Hello, I’m using Hazel to do the identify-rename-move folder action from my Downloads folder. Works mostly great.

There are three statements that I’m using 4-5 of the numbers in my account number as a “contents contain” rule. Hazel preview shows that the rule does not match. I can’t figure it out.

I’ve tried different numbers, but it seems that for those particular types of documents, Hazel will not recognize more than one number at a time.

I’ve done a search of the PDF document for those numbers, so I know that it has been OCRd properly and is searchable.

Any ideas? Thank you!

I think I’ve found the solution - if I have a 16-digit account number I was asking Hazel to match the last 4-5 digits. Hazel did not recognize the number.

However, if I ask Hazel to match the entire 16-digit number, it matches.

Does this sound right to you?

Thank you!

That could be, although I usually assume matching will match partials, but I haven’t used this feature of Hazel, so I can’t say for sure.

If you have more trouble you might want to try the Hazel support forum where the developer routinely answers questions (it’s not a Discourse forum, so it’s not as nice as this one).