Has home automation truly arrived in Europe?

As many other enthusiasts out there, I’ve got into this rabbit hole that is home automation. Starting with a little Amazon Echo device, I have (very slowly) grown up my collection and have plans to get my house smarter. Websites like Automation Orchard and various podcasts out there are fuelling a lot of this dream.

There’s one thing though about home automation in Europe. Many of those who sparkle my desire for automating my place live in the USA or Asia.

Why is this relevant? Let me put it in context.

I was looking for a door sensor, and I came across a device that was fit for purpose. This product was sold for $6 in the US but would have cost me $30 in the UK. And this was for the sensor alone. Add that to the hub, more sensors and more devices, and the bill goes up very quickly.

Price is surely a challenge, but it’s not the only challenge. There are also fewer options to choose from. For example, a quick search on Amazon.com or other major shopping website in the US reveals so many more options than their European counterparts[^2].

[^2]: May I ask Lutron to bring the Caseta products to European land, please?

Some will tell me not to complain. After all, in countries outside of the UK, prices get higher and options are even less, making it almost impossible for the average person to jump into this fantastic world.

I don’t doubt that very soon buying a smart bulb will be as cheap as buying a dumb one today. But we’re not there yet in Europe. Until then, I’ll be giving baby steps in this hobby.

Am I being too pessimistic here? :grinning: