Has DEVONThink to Go jumped into shortcuts-land?

Is there a plan for DTTG to leverage the power of the rapidly evolving Siri Shortcuts environment? I would love for there to be a menu of donated DTTG shortcuts ready to incorporate into automations. Beyond item creation/tagging, it would be great to have a donated shortcut that returns the item-link URL to be passed to other apps.

I am waiting until iOS 13.1 before I update my iOS, so if this is already there…thanks!

I posted this on Devontech’s discourse, but thought it would be good here too.

They haven’t yet got Shortcuts support - not surprising as they just shipped V3 on the Mac. They do have extensive URL scheme support though which you can already make use of :slight_smile:

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Their iOS app has always been fairly terrible. I’m hoping that it will get some attention now that the Mac version 3 is out the door.

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I am digging deep for better solution to manage data w/minimal (if any) use of a cloud.
Kicking the tires on DevonThink To Go ~ and wow is it bad. DevonThink has been around a long time. The DTTG has also been around time and I’m flabbergasted by the interface, workflow and bugs of DTTG. Can’t say I had known expectations but I guess I must have had some minimal expectations that were shattered.

There have been a bunch of posts on their forums hinting that a decent size update for DTTG is in the works. I would ask around the official forums about the specific bugs and whatever workflow you would like.

I got a little choked up tbh…
I have already made several shortcuts.

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