Has anyone used the Shortcut for the Starbucks app?

After ordering coffee w the mobile app, it gives you an option to add a Shortcut to the system to repeat the order in the future. But when I look at the shortcut it’s a little cryptic. Not clear how you might be able to modify it?

Just wondered if anyone has played with this one. Thanks!

I added it in but haven’t messed with changing it, really. Seems to work perfect without any issues. Might be a nice thing to add into a “leaving” routine if you live close enough to the Starbucks of your choice.

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Thanks, yeah. Was wondering if I could copy it and change the order for different things, one in each shortcut.

The Starbucks app provides the order and the store to Shortcuts as options only after you have used them in the app. I guess the details are actually stored against your account in the app. This means you won’t be able to build things in ahead of time. Only after you have used it once from the app and the app has added that to it’s lists.

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Ahhh okay, that makes sense. Thanks!