Has anyone else tried to create a shortcut for archiving mail attachments?

I have been trying to create a shortcut that lets me pass an attachment from Mail through to something else for archiving (in my case, I’m using MarginNote, but it could be Evernote or one of a bunch of other things). There are two ways to get a share sheet up for a text file attachment — long press on the attachment, or view the attachment and use the share sheet in the upper right corner. Neither seem to pass the file, however — my shortcut has a Show Content Graph as the first step, and I don’t see anything there at all. (That was after I had crafted a shortcut that did what I really wanted, which was to get file metadata and prepend it to the text file contents, then generate a formatted PDF. However, in all cases, it just showed up as blank, which led to my current investigation.)

Has anyone done something similar with any success, or is this just an issue with Mail? I’m running this on iPadOS 13.5.1, FWIW.