Happy to see this here


I love Apple and these are the devices I use to manage my personal life with. However, on my work I must use Windows machines. Quite often is a struggle to combine both, especially because of the limited authorisation I have to install 3rd party apps on my working machine and, as importantly, because there aren’t many resources out there to discuss ways of automating windows/apple environments… But there are a lot of requests from what I can read :grinning:

Long story short, please, do not forget about this category! :wink:

Looking forward to read and contribute to with windows automation and how to integrate it all with my Apple devices.


Agreed! While I’m at currently in a spot where I’m Apple across the board, I’ve been there recently where I needed to use Windows for work. Windows isn’t going anywhere and when you don’t have a choice, you don’t have a choice.