Guest detection

I was hoping to find an automated way to let HomeKit know if there is any guests in the house.

This would be handy to use as a condition for HomeKit automations for example.

So far I thought to let guests exclusively connect to a designated network, somehow check if there is any device connected to it and subsequently trigger a virtual switch using Homebridge.

Sadly a web search did not get me very far with this.

Does anybody know if this can be done?

Any thoughts/suggestions/ideas regarding this project? Is there something I haven‘t considered?

If you give guests access to your WiFi, you might be able to check whether devices other than specific devices are on your network. That said, as we add more devices, that gets much harder to manage.

Eero will notify you when a new device joins. Also HomeKit allows facial recognition - you could set a camera up and notify when an unfamiliar person is spotted.

Thank you so much for your reply guys!

This sounds like the solution I was hoping for. Do you happen to know how one would go about setting that up? And would you mind explaining a newbie how it would get harder with more devices? :sweat_smile:

Interesting, i would need to find a way to turn that notification into a trigger but that‘s a great start. Thank you.

I thought about that, but we would rather not have a live camera turned on whilst we are home.