Grab phone numbers

Is there a way to have a shortcut access a Notes file which contains a list of names, grab one name at a time, access Contacts to get the phone number, and append that phone number to a new text message

If you have an Apple Note as follows:

This Shortcut will grab the names and get the phone numbers from contacts:

Contact List

If the contact has multiple numbers, they will all be returned.

Do you mean:

  1. Send each individual on the list a separate text message;

  2. Send one message to all the contacts at once; or

  3. Add the number to the text of the message to be sent to someone else?

Each option is possible.

Hope this helps.

I have a poker group that I send texts to each week. Using this shortcut: (which, btw, times out after 30 +/- texts. Don’t know why)

There are times the game is canceled, and I just want to notify the responders. Who I keep in a separate Notes file. I’m tweaking, but…
I moved “show phone” but the sc ask for confirmation after each find, then only finds two or three out of ten. Contact name are correct/match.
Ant help will be most assuredly appreciated.