Google Sheets monthly email and clear down?

Short version: Is there any way to email a specific tab within a Google sheet on a monthly basis, and then clear down (delete) a different tab as part of one automation?

Long version: I have IFTTT setup to track all my transactions from my Monzo bank account. The transactions are written/appended to Sheet 1 in the spreadsheet.

Every month I go to the spreadsheet and, on Sheet 2 I have a quick SUMIF set of queries that runs and from which I get my monthly travel/food expenses.

Ideally, I’m looking for a way to get Sheet 2 emailed to me at the end of every month, and then have all the data deleted from Sheet 1 so it is only every holding a month of data.

I’ve looked at Zapier but it seems to only have ‘lookup row’ style functionality when it comes to emailing data.

Don’t mind upgrading/paying for something that will do this. I’m on iOS/MacOS too if that helps.

Sounds like you want to use the inbuilt scheduling and a custom Google Apps Script.

I’ve used it to drive daily emails of information into Evernote based on the content of a sheet.

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Will give that a look, thanks!

Bingo! I now have a script which reads values from two cells, emails them to me at the end of every week (not monthly as I stated, oops!) then clears down the entire sheet ready for the next month of automatically logged transactions.

Simple, effective, a real timesaver, thanks.

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Glad you got it working :+1:t2:

Google apps scripts are really useful if you are working with streamlining any online automation utilising Google Apps. Through work we’ve switched over to Microsoft, and I really need to find the time to figure out similar ways to make more use of Flow for things that I used Google Scripts for previously.

It was certainly my secret weapon in controlling my e-mail. When G-Mail’s amazing rules are still not enough, break out the Google script and the scheduler and you can go to town :wink:

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