Google Drive API

I’m wanting to create folders in my Google Drive account. It turns out you’re not able to do this on the iPad but I understand you could potentially set this up using the Google Drive API.

Has anyone got any experience setting this up?

Basically I want to check the folder for folders, if any match the name then ignore otherwise create a new folder. Simple enough and works fine on the mac but I’m limited on the iPad.

You can’t? What about in Safari?

I’m not sure how I could automate this?

I would need to be able to sign in to the correct google account, go to drive then select the folder. nice I’m in, how would I then do this?

I’ve used a few Google APIs, mostly calendar, mail and Sheets, using python.

The tutorials are good, but even as someone who has been coding automation for a while, I wouldn’t call it easy. The authentication layers are complex, at least for someone’s whose code has mostly involved local (non-web) automation or relatively simple APIs for pulling down online data (eg, weather for Scriptable widgets, etc.), rather than sending data out to web services.

Do you have an example of a shortcut you can share to get me started?

Definitely not a shortcut. I don’t really use Shortcuts for much that needs to be dependable; I haven’t had much luck with that.

But by way of example, here’s a python QuickStart guide for the Google Calendar API. If you follow the breadcrumbs at the top, there are other language guides, and each of the app APIs has similar guides.

You’ll also have to do the OAuth rigamarole, but iirc, the app-specific guides include links since it’s a prerequisite.