Google Assistant Trigger a new Toggl Timer/Task


This took a bit of doing but I found a way to have Google Assistant start a Toggl Timer/Task. I had to use both IFTTT and Zapier to get it to work though. IFTTT doesn’t have Toggl integration and Zapier doesn’t have Google Assistant integration so both services are necessary.

I got IFTTT and Zapier to talk to each other via Webhooks. Took a little since I am new to JSON but I got it to work in about an hour.

Here is the work flow for the automation:

Custom Google Assistant command triggers IFTTT. This creates a webhook that just passes the name I want to use for the task. In IFTTT the assistant required a text ingredient which is what becomes the name of the task in Toggl.

The webhook then passes the text ingredient to the Zapier webhook app. Then Zapier hands it off to Toggl and starts a timer.

You must have Toggl Pro in order to use the create task part of their API. So you need Toggl Pro for this to work. If people want specific screenshots of how I set everything up then I can add them.

I am not sure if there is a workaround to get this working on a free Toggl account but I am going try.