Goodbye, Pushcut

Goodbye, Pushcut.

I have been a user of the app for over three years.
Unfortunately, I am ceasing to be one.
During this time, I’ve already had to change the hardware it runs on twice because the iOS software was updated.
Two years ago, the creators of the app informed about work or plans to develop an app for macOS.
A year and a half ago, Apple silicon processors appeared.
Months pass, and in the updates, only widgets used by (in my opinion) few users appear.
The change in HomeKit architecture requires devices compatible with iOS 16. Support for this version of the system requires continuously new Apple hardware (iPhone or iPad).
Pushcut is a great app. It solves many problems for me that HomeKit itself did not solve.
But another purchase of hardware that meets the requirements of the new iOS system, serving only to run one app, is too much.
I am very disappointed with the development, or rather the lack of development of this app, especially its still absent macOS version.
The mere necessity of using an iPad or iPhone is one thing.
Another thing is that the app on it must always run on the main screen. If anything disrupts this process, the app becomes inactive.
An example? Several times I left home for an extended period.
My iPhone with the app has been configured for years so that no app sends notifications to the screen, etc.
But it was enough to add new headphones or an Apple Watch to the account during a trip. Since all phones including that one are on one iCloud account, a message would appear on it asking if I want to add a new device. And the app would stop working. After all, it needs to be “on top”.
I dream of an app that runs in the background on macOS. Just like Homebridge does. Starting after the computer boots up, even without the need to log in.
Why is this not available?
I have the impression, actually a certainty after two years of waiting, that the creators of this app have already moved on to something else. Right?
With regret, I bid farewell to Pushcut. This app does not keep up with the development of systems and capabilities.

Just for info, if you have not been keeping up with the podcast, you might have missed that the development of Pushcut has changed a bit and that there is now a Mac beta test ongoing. It isn’t vapourware either - I have the beta running on my Intel MacBook Pro, as shown in this screenshot.


Sorry to hear that you’re dissatisfied. I assure you, both the iOS and macOS versions are under active development. Unfortunately, running the iOS app directly on macOS didn’t produce a good experience and so we felt we had to build a standalone macOS version of the app; this took substantially longer than we would like.
As sylumer says, we’re currently running a private TestFlight of the Automation Server on macOS and you’d be welcome to join (email