Global Mute using Keyboard Maestro and Stream Deck

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I have been following the podcast for quite a while, but I am a complete newbie on the forum: apologies if I’m not following the perfect etiquette :slight_smile:

Last week I have spent some time automating something that was bothering me for a while, and I have written a short post on it. Brief summary: I wanted a way to mute my microphone, independently from the video conferencing app I was using, and I wanted to always know the state of my microphone. I did this using Keyboard Maestro (of course) and my Stream Deck (but the solution is also viable without it).

Here is the post: Global Mute using Keyboard Maestro and Stream Deck

Disclaimer: I have quite strong feelings about privacy, and my website does not use any form of tracking! I am not trying to drive traffic, I just thought this might be useful to someone else :slight_smile:

That link and the domain just give a holding page for me.

I used to use a Keyboard Maestro and AppleScript solution for this that zeroes and unzeroes the mic volume on my USB mic, so I’m wondering how it compares?

I’ve since moved to an XLR mic, and with Audio Hijack’s approach, this forced me down the physical mute button route as that app still receives audio regardless.

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Oops, sorry about that. I moved the site earlier today, probably the CDN hasn’t completed the deployment yet. I have published the post on medium as well.

That said, I’m very happy to see that my approach is extremely similar to yours, I am a big fan of your work on Drafts (and automation in general!)

Initially, I was planning to do this with SoundSource (since you mention Audio Hijack), unfortunately it isn’t super scriptable.

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