Giving up the mouse is it possible?

I am seriously considering going mouse free. Anyone managed to do this with success?

Hi @Tom_Bjornebark, a start would be the free app Vimac.
Here is an example how I work with it in the App Drafts:


Watched it, looks great how did you manage to get that overlay with the yellow boxes?



In the settings of the Vimac app you can set a shortcut to access the yellow text shortcuts as well as to scroll.

You are kiddin!!! how could i miss this app??? thanks! downloading.

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I also came across this app by chance @Tom_Bjornebark.
So have fun with it :partying_face:

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I love the concept of Vimac, but how do I choose what yellow field to select when multiple popup?

What do you mean @Tom_Bjornebark with multiple popup? Maybe the menu selection at Apps, as well as at the Finder - File and then this popup?

When i get multiple labels

Ok, danke für die Erklärung @Tom_Bjornebark.

I use a 27-inch iMac as well as a 15-inch MacBook Pro, and it looks the same on a full screen display:


Did you open Safari in a minimized window? Then there may be problems with the display.

It’s not that i get multiple labels. The flow is more like:

  1. Bring up the labels
  2. Type the label i want to use, for example “TD”
  3. I now get three labels of “TD” presented on the screen so how do i select the one i want of them?

Since I can’t reproduce the problem with me, please ask the developer of the app.
You can find a contact button at the bottom of the website

Watched your movie I think you got the same problem. I think you solved it that is whats so frustrating :grinning: When you select “AFK” i can see multiple lables for afs popping up in your movie, how did you select the one on reply?

Talked to the developer now on twitter, It’s a bug.

Thank you for the information. Then I hope for a quick update to fix the bug.

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Oh boy. I hope he soon releases a version running on Catalina. I’d really like this :slight_smile:

Yep its the missing link to get rid of the mouse as far as i can tell.

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For anyone on Safari, I can recommend the extension Keys: works really well.

Chrome users might find interesting, which works really good, too.

Cool thank! I will check it out!

Another longtime favorite of mine is Shortcat, which lets you type a few letters to highlight buttons and other clickable text so it can be activated from the keyboard.