Getting text into Keyboard Meastro


I’m trying to set up and automation for when new employees at my business fills in the New employee details google form. I do several things like send them an email with the employment terms and conditions and welcome pack, which I can do easily enough using Zapier when a new line to a google sheet appears.

I also want to automatically send them an invitation to slack, which is more complicated. I can set up KM to click into slack open up the invite new member box and past and email address. However, I can’t figure out how to get the email address from the google sheet and copy it into the clipboard so it can be pasted by KM. Am I missing something easy?


Public web trigger could be an option.

Have you thought of using Slack’s API? Why not have a play with it if you are comfortable using Zapier already.

admin.users.invite method | Slack

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