Getting Started With Home Automation

Hi all,

I would like to get started with some home automation. I have mac monterey - IOS 15 iphone - watch series 7 and a homepod mini.

A few smart lightbulbs seems like a good place to get started. Such as:

Q: can these hue bulbs work with IOS 15? (some sites only suggest google and Alexa)…

What do I need to buy and how can I set this up with iOS 15?

ALSO: Wemo Mini Smart Plug for a few other things?

Do you have any other suggestions to get started with home automation and IOS?


It is Home Kit compatible.

Hue bulbs are a safe starting point for home automation, but rather than what you could do from a solution perspective, do think about your needs first.

Thanks for the info. Just to start I think a few well placed smart bulbs might get me going for now. Then later a few smart plugs and motion detectors might be interesting.

FWIW I have had very good results with the Meross/Refoss products on Amazon that are both Alexa and HomeKit compatible (not all of their products are, but they clearly mark the ones that are). Switches, indoor and outdoor plugs, garage door opener.

Thanks for the info Evan.

Thanks sylumer.

  • Can I connect Hue bulbs directly with homekit or do I need to use their Hue Hub?

If you follow the previous link I posted it gives you the setup instructions - they use the Philips Hue Hub. That hub’s the smarts that avoid having to run processing across the devices (a lightweight mesh computing), or on someone else’s servers out on the Internet - better for privacy.

You may find that some routers or home voice assistants might have some hub-like support. I know the Amazon Echo did a while back, but I’ve been happily using my hue hub for 4-5 years now as is.

Ok thanks very much for all the great help!

I am also looking at nanoleaf for ios also (on sale right now)


Thanks all for your help.

As things progress I am getting more interested in various home automation issues, such as smart plugs - video cameras etc. I am assuming this is not the best place to ask general shopping / product questions, so do you have any suggestions for varied other forums / links or sites I can go to learn about general home automation issues?