Getting Siri to get input from the user for a script

Hi. I wrote a quick script that takes two inputs from the user and based on the two inputs makes a computation and then displays the result. I wanted to enable the script to be run from Siri, but I would like for Siri to get the two inputs from the user by asking the user for the inputs and then receiving the inputs spoken or dictated by the user responding to Siri. I thought that this could be achieved by using Siri arguments, but I have not been able to get the script to run successfully and get Siri to input the information from the user. I did a search on google for ¨siri input shortcuts¨ and found the following two links that caught my attention:

Would anyone have an idea as to whether what I want to achieve is possible and give some pointers as to how I might go about this? Thanks.

See if this example I put together helps.

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Q&A directly in Siri will be possible with iOS 13. But you would have to wait until @simonbs integrates that feature. Shortcuts should be able to do that in iOS 13 out of the box as far as I know.

It does do something similar to what I’m trying to do using shortcuts. Could you tell me how to get the Shortcut app to insert a “Dictate Text” action after text is read out loud by the app? I can’t seem to figure it out.

You just drag it or tap it in like any other action. There’s nothing special about it in that sense.

Presumably you are seeing something peculiar occurring when you try and do this. If so, can you share some additional details?

I guess what I was asking is how to find it because I could not see it in the list, but when I searched for it I found it. Never mind and thanks.