Getting just a URL into DevonThink

I found a couple of really amazing shortcuts to get a wide variety of things into DT, but they are really overkill for what I want, and take longer to run than I want them to. I suspect because they are cleaning up the webpages to make them look nice.

I just want something that I can activate from a share sheet to send the URL of the page I’m looking at (be it in Safari, Google’s app, etc) into DT To Go. Does this exist already somewhere? I tried to strip out all the extraneous stuff from Ryan Murphy’s modification of Viticci’s script, but its just way over my head.

Any help appreciated!

I’m not a Devon Think user, but does DTTG not have a share sheet extenstion? The app store lists “Capture Notes, Images, Bookmarks” as a feature, and if it has that, then I’m not sure you have a need to go via l Shortcuts for your use case.

If that isn’t the case, then having Shortcuts populate a URL call would do the job. URL encode the shortcut input’s URL (and perhaps page title?) and utilise the examples below to build your desired content for DTTG.

Hope that helps.

Just use the share sheet when you are on the webpage to share the URL to Devonthink. it will give you options of what format you want, including just a simple bookmark.

I didn’t fully explain… my bad.

When I come across interesting articles, I actually want to send them two places: To Instapaper for reading later, and to DevonThink, for archiving so when I think later, “Wait, I read something about this…” I only have to look one place.

Both DTTG and Instapaper have share sheet options that work great. I was hoping though for just one click instead of two.

(I tried setting up a smart rule in DTPro, and having it post to Instapaper. That works, but only if DT is running at the time.)

The link slumber sent is above my head, sadly…