Getting insights into podcast listening addiction with Pocket Casts, Airtable and Gitlab


First I’m fairly new to the community so I hope I’ve found the right category.

I really like listening to podcasts and since I spend to much time listening I got curios how much exactly is it?
My app of choice is Pocket Casts and it has some really basic statistics in the app.

I think it is better than nothing but having statistics since I’ve started that’s just not very insightful. At least I want to know my weekly listening habits.
Luckily Pocket Casts has a web player and I discovered the following:

This prompted me to develop a small Python application. Initially I though I had to get a server at some point to host everything, but I discovered a way to do it completely for free and without a server.
I am using with Gitlab scheduler for pipelines get new statistics every two hours.
For data storage I’m using Airtable.

The end result looks like this:

If you want to set it up for yourself you can use my detailed tutorial.

I hope this may be to use to someone. :slight_smile: