Getting email link from iOS stock email app

I saw an AppleScript that @MacSparky posted this past week that will retrieve an email link to a message that is selected within the stock email app. Could the same thing be possible on iOS? Say you are in the app and then view an email, could a script be ran through Scriptable to get the link of the email you are viewing?

I’m new to Scriptable and don’t even know where to start.


Unfortunately there’s no way to get an email out of Mail, aside from drag and drop. Fortunately drag and drop will give you a link the vast majority of the time - but that means there’s no iPhone solution as of now :frowning:

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Dang, maybe we’ll see some improvements in iOS 13 for that but I won’t hold my breath! :joy:

Depending on what you want the email for, copying it into another app might be good enough?

Well, that might work if Mail had a SHARE SHEET. Sigh. It’s like it’s 2013 in

“Reply” > Print > unpinch > Share pdf is suuuuper convenient, huh?

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Oh absolutely! I love all those steps, too bad it doesn’t count towards your walking steps! :joy::unamused:

“tap, tap, tap” *looks at watch, “I had 12,000 taps today, I reached my goal!” Haha

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The app Dispatch (not sure if it’s still developed) can copy a message:// URL, so I’d often switch to it when I needed a link.

Also, if you forward the email to your Things email (which adds it to your inbox), they’ve figured out how to make that task include the message:// link in the notes. This is the first I’ve ever seen an app do this, and I’m not sure why others like Omnifocus don’t follow suit.