Getting different items from a spreadsheet into Editorial

After hearing Rose talk about using a spreadsheet to auto-fill the calendar, it made me wonder if I could do something similar to help me plan the issues of a magazine I publish every other month. The ultimate goal would be for me to take a list of advertisers and auto-populate OmniFocus with the tasks for each ad (write copy, get logo, get client approval, etc.).

Anyway, each issue has a spreadsheet that includes the names of all the advertisers in an issue. For every ad, I have to go through the same multi-step process, from writing ad copy, getting a logo, designing the graphic file, to getting approval. I’d love to be able to pull the advertiser name in each cell and create a series of tasks in OmniFocus for that ad.

(I already do something similar in Editorial for my repeating editorial features, thanks to David’s video walk-through of the process. I start with the magazine due date and work backwards to make sure the tasks are spaced out.)

So basically, I think if I can get some help pulling the cell values from a spreadsheet (I use Google sheets but I would gladly switch to Numbers for this), I think I can get that into a similar script to create ad-related tasks. No idea if this will make sense, but that’s what I’m looking for!

I think the simplest solution might just be to copy the column with the names in, and then run this Workflow:

It will add the three tasks you mentioned as an action group for each advertiser. You can of course add more tasks, edit them, and so on, but it’s pretty simple!

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Thank you so much! I’m going to put this to good use!