Getting `Could not run Run Script` error when running scripts from Shortcuts

After updating to iOS 13 (and 13.1), I’ve been seeing lots of this error. I’m on latest versions of everything. I’m using Script.complete() and the new Shortcuts args introduced in the newest version.

The error halts the shortcut. I thought it was some sort of issue with memory, but I’ve tried a bunch of different permutations — running a shortcut that only runs a script and nothing else, shortcuts that have nested shortcuts that call scripts, running the Scriptable script in the app and not — all result in the error.

It’s also a bit random, but it seems to work correctly the first time, but not immediately after. But also sometimes occurs on the first run.

Just wondering if anyone is seeing something similar?

Actually — it does seem to be solved by choosing the “Run in App” option and running all shortcuts in the shortcuts app (not the today widget).

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