Getting a list of businesses and pairing that list with # of miles away from me


I don’t know if i’ve added too many steps or not enough. I can’t figure out how in the end i’d want to see the results displayed (maybe i’ll split the business names so that it’s just one line to choose from along with the distance) but I’m trying to list any number of different businesses, combine the names with how far each is away from my location. I’ve run it at least 50 different ways, getting so many results not even close to near me. This last one somehow I got exactly one result and that’s kind of close (2 miles) but i’m trying to teach myself all things shortcuts, been at this since last night and i just can’t figure it out.

appreciate any help.


Search Businesses and Sort by Distance](Shortcuts)

Maybe something like this?

@mikep823 - did this help or are you still struggling?